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Karolyn Jepson

I’m originally from Pueblo, Colorado USA and moved to the UK in 2002,I have always loved to be involved in media and broadcasting has always been a passion of mine since the very young age of ten.  I’ve created this platform to bring the listeners the best content in all aspects of media and hope you enjoy every minute.






Neil “The Dark Cookie” Cook                                

Every Saturday from 4-6PM GMT

My Name is Neil Cook, known as “The Dark Cookie”, mainly to myself and my friends at Walking Football, where I have this emblazoned on the back of my Iron Maiden football top, I normally wear.

It’s also the name I write under when I do my reviews for Rock Media UK. I also write reviews for and I’m one of the editors for Metal Temple. I love reviewing as it gives me the chance to experience some interesting an varied Rock and Metal bands from far and wide. I’ve been very surprised by the quality and diversity of some of the stuff I’ve reviewed since embarking down this avenue. I mean how else are you going to get to hear of a Chinese Heavy Metal band or Brazilian Power Metal Prog fusion outfit?

But first and foremost I am a Rock fan, and have been so since the early 1980s. Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills” really sealed the deal for me, and I was hooked forever more.

I have a very broad taste when it comes to rock music everything from NWOBHM to Glam, Thrash to Blues and most stations in-between. Yes there is stuff that doesn’t float my boat, but if we all liked the same stuff, it would be very boring.

In recent years, since the kids have grown up and disposable income (mostly) mine again (however with kids it never really is yours!), going to gigs has become a HUGE part of my life. Hardly a week would go by without a gig, large or small, but I must admit it’s the small sweaty gigs I like the most. So this current S**t show that is Covid19 closing everything down is hurting.

That said my other pleasure is discovering bands, both new to the scene or whom have passed me by over the years, and the one shining light of 2020 has been the amazing wealth of creativity and class new music that has been produced or released in this last year.

My dreams are simple, to get back to gigging, either as a punter or as a volunteer, like myself and Mrs C did at STONEDEAF 2019 and hopefully will be this year at STONEDEAD 2021, and other places should the opportunity arise. Oh and of course learning to play the Bass like Geezer and develop a voice like RJD and headline Download. But hey dream big that’s what I say!


Darrin Wells – Morning Rock Out.  Every Tuesday 7:30 – 9:00 am GMT.

I have been a Rock and Metal fan since the golden age of Rock in the 80s.  Initially preferring the Hair Metal bands my taste has expanded across the spectrum into Thrash and everything in between.

My passion is seeing the bands I love live so I go to as many gigs and festivals as I can leaving with great memories and as much merchandise as I can carry. Recently I have expanded into volunteering at festivals, enjoying helping bring together the experience for like-minded members of our rock family.

Music is a big part of my life and I look forward to sharing that with you and, in turn, discovering new music from you.

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